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Good PR and marketing firms understand technology quickly, know how customers, journalists, partners and investors think. Great firms can pivot and trouble shoot creatively to keep ahead of the market and competition. At Technica, we hit the ground running and reliably deliver consistent results, that are strategically designed, planned and measured against clear results metrics.

Technica Communications is a boutique public relations, social media, content marketing firm, based in Cupertino, CA.  With over 80% of its client base focused on the cleantech and sustainability markets, Technica possesses the deep expertise and contacts required to deliver top quality results in these challenging sectors. Since the majority of Technica staff have previous journalism and newsroom experience, the firm specializes in effective reporter outreach.  As a virtual company with limited overhead, Technica provides clients the flexibility to design public relations and media outreach packages that fit their needs and budget.  At Technica, clients get big agency service at a affordable rates. Domain experience includes solar, LED lighting, electric vehicles, biofuel, electronic recycling, and more.

To us, “growth” is not reflected in the size of our staff.  We add to our team to support client demand and keep overhead low to pass the savings onto you in the form of service.  This ensures you the highest levels of accountability.  We plan, execute and show you the results.

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Technica Testimonials

[Kuusakoski was] the big, and actually the only bomb, that was dropped at the show…the buzz Technica built started immediately and continued throughout the show and we were discussed in at least three different seminars during the show. We heard people talk about us everywhere; in the elevator, the bar, the breakfast room, etc. Lisa Ann did her magic in a quiet and a no-nonsense kind of fashion and helped us generate a buzz that exceeded our expectations. It was a true pleasure to work with Lisa Ann.

- Hannu Melarti, former President of Kuusakoski Recycling US

Lisa Ann has created a world-class PR and marketing firm with the connections, intellect, and experience necessary to deliver immediate results that create real value. Easy to work with, forward thinking, organized, creative, flexible, ready to be there, connected and a whole lot more. Technica delivers and I highly recommend Lisa Ann and her team.

– Jeff Bisberg, CEO GE/Albeo Technologies

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_MG_3568Lisa Ann Pinkerton
Founder & President
From the newsroom to the boardroom, Lisa Ann Pinkerton has used her keen analytical skills to share technology stories with the world for over a decade.  Whether the sector is cleantech, biotech or health care, Lisa Ann leads companies through the web of new and traditional media with targeted messaging that bolsters business goals. As a former award-winning journalist, Lisa Ann acutely understands what motivates many journalists and how they think and she’s routinely able to turn those insights into top-tier coverage. She is also an accomplished speaker and facilitator, sharing her wealth of communications knowledge with entrepreneurs and small business owners internationally.  Before founding Technica, Lisa Ann was a Senior Account Executive and managed new business operations for the San Francisco PR firm Antenna Group.  She got her start as a broadcast journalist for National Public Radio, PBS Television, WPXI-NBC, American Public Media, and Free Speech TV.

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