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 Dlogo_tagline orange d.light d.light is aimed to improve the lives of the two billion people in the developing world that live without access to reliable energy. It provides distributed, affordable solar energy solutions for households and small businesses.Website | Media Coverage | Press Releases  | Twitter | Facebook
 SimpliPhi SimpliPhi PowerSimpliPhi Power designs and manufactures award-winning clean energy storage and management systems that utilize lithium ferrous phosphate chemistry for residential and commercial energy storage applications.Technica provides SimpliPhi with public relations, social media and content marketing services.Website | Media Coverage | Press Releases  | Twitter | Facebook

Motiv Power Systems

Motiv Power Systems designs and builds a flexible electric Powertrain Control System (ePCS) for the commercial electric truck.

Technica provides Motiv Power Systems public relations support and marketing advise on a project basis.

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Enertech Search Partners

Enertech Search Partners is a valued recruiting partner to some of the most compelling emerging technology companies and the brightest business leaders in the new global cleantech economy. By working within a handful of specific market segments, such as smart grid, energy efficiency, distributed energy, cleanweb, sustainability, and the Internet of Things, Enertech maximizes their deep understanding of the unique drivers that shape these markets and is committed to representing only the top percentile of talent in these industries.

In 2014, Technica managed the relaunch of the Enertech Search brand, including a new logo, website and marketing materials. Today, Technica continues to manage marketing, social media and thought leadership activities for Enertech Search Partners.

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 SunPort logo


PlugSolar and it’s premier product, SunPort make solar energy easy and affordable with a plug-in smart device and a platform that brings solar to millions of users, without the use of panels. The platform allows people to use solar energy anytime, anywhere, while also funding nonprofit solar projects through a dollar for dollar match.

Technica managed the public relations support for the SunPort Kickstarter campaign which raised 160% of its goal in the summer of 2015

Website | Media Coverage

 WindStream Logo RGB

WindStream Technologies

WindStream Technologies manufactures hybrid solar/wind energy systems for distributed energy generation in developing markets where energy costs are high or power supply is intermittent.

Technica provides public relations and social media support on a project basis.

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enACT Systems

enACT Systems is a SaaS platform that enables increased customer engagement, channel engagement and workflow automation for solar energy and energy efficiency sales.

Technica provides public relations support on a project basis.

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PV 2.0

PV 2.0 is a non-profit initiative that advocates for the use of big data for smarter solar. Its standard API initiative seeks to bring greater data transparency to the solar industry in an effort to help reduce costs, improve performance and grow the whole industry.

Technica handles marketing, public relations and video production for PV 2.0 in collaboration with Solar Marketing Group.

Website | Video Animation | Thought Leadership | Social Media


Tigo Energy

Tigo Energy’s vision is to leverage power electronics and communications technology to drive the cost of solar electricity down.  By partnering with Tier 1 module and inverter manufacturers in the industry, Tigo Energy is able to focus on its key innovation and leverage the broader ecosystem.

Technica supports Tigo’s marketing team with the creation of marketing materials and videos.

Installation video | Marketing Collateral


TerraLUX Illumination designs and manufactures easy-to-integrate LED modules for lighting manufacturers, retailers, designers & specifiers.Technica is currently producing a series of installation videos for TerraLUX in collaboration with The LED Lady.

Installation Videos

Hi Res logo THiNKnrg


Based in Palo Alto, California, THiNKnrg brings affordable turnkey solar and lighting solutions to organizations and facility managers across North and Central America.

Technica revamped the THiNKnrg web copy in 2012, and develops marketing collateral and executes public relations campaigns.

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Global Cleantech Cluster Association

Global Cleantech is a non-profit association that creates conduits for companies to harness the tremendous benefits of international cleantech cluster collaboration in an efficient, affordable, and structured way.

Technica handles both marketing and public relations activities for the GCCA, including the maintenance of its website on a pro-bono basis.

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Women in Cleantech & Sustainability

Women in Cleantech & Sustainability is a non-profit organization fostering an influential network of professionals to further the roles of women in growing the gren economy and making a positive impact on the environment.

Technica helps to organize and promote local events in the Bay Area and manage the organization’s social media feeds.

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Past Project Clients

Sustain Green

Sustain:Green is a provider of unique credit cards, supported by MasterCard and issued by Commerce Bank, that offer carbon reduction rewards with every swipe. Every time the biodegradable cards are used, a concrete contribution to the fight against climate change is made through carbon offsets and reforestation projects.

Technica handled the press launch of the new company, as well as managed social media on a project basis.

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CREE Buildings

Cree is an award-winning and innovative leader in the design and construction of tall and mid-size timber buildings. Its hybrid wood and concrete slab and post design technology allows for rapid construction of commercial and multi-family residential buildings. Research shows these building designs generate up to 90% less carbon dioxide emissions and use up to 80% less energy compared to conventional steel/concrete construction.

Technica handles project public relations and social media work for Cree, as well as advising on exhibition and marketing materials.

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Kuusakoski Recycling

Kuusakoski is an international recycling services company. In addition to being the leading recycler of metal-based products in the Northern Europe, Kuusakoski is also recognized as one of the largest suppliers and refiners of recycled metals in the world. Kuusakoski has over 100 service locations in Finland, Baltic countries, China, Denmark, Great Britain, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Taiwan and United States.

Technica provides Kuusakoski with public relations activities on a project basis.

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myTAFI is a free, online personal financial adviser that helps people find their way to financial independence by tracking your spending, monitoring your financial goals, checking your financial health and advising you on purchases.

Technica produced the promotional video for myTAFI.



PanelClaw is a leader in ballasted PV racking, offering simple, innovative mounting solutions for flat roof and ground mount applications that deliver the lowest life-cycle costs on every project. PanelClaw racking solutions are available in the U.S., Canada, and the European Union.

Technica supports PanelClaw with public relations and web copy activities on a project basis.

Media coverage | Press Releases  | Twitter | Facebook  | Website- The PanelClaw Advantage


Based in San Francisco, California, Sylvatex is a fuel technology company that has developed a unique recipe to allow oil companies to massively reduce their costs and produce a greener, cleaner diesel fuel. The technology is complimentary to the diesel & renewable fuel space by a number of means, including a more cost effective production of petrol-diesel due to the physical specs of our microemulsion, as well as the ability to use lower grades of ethanol, vegetable oil and the other ingredients of our recipe, to displace up to 43% of the petrol-diesel consumed by an engine.

Technica trains Sylvatex spokespeople on interview and presentation skills as well as advises the early-stage start up on public relations strategies.

Media Coverage

SV Green Tech Corp.

Based in Fremont, California, SVGT designs, develops and installs solar PV power plants. It’s primary market is 1MW to 20MW solar power plants, and its project pipeline is approaching 100MW.

Technica facilitated the development of the SVGT website.



Terrajoule Corporation, headquartered in Redwood City, CA, was founded in 2009 to extend the worldwide reach and penetration of renewable energy, by solving the fundamental problem of intermittent supply of solar and wind power.  Terrajoule has demonstrated 24/7 solar power with a distributed industrial-scale power plant and is currently developing the technology for volume production in 2015.  Terrajoule’s key partnerships include JKB Energy of Turlock, CA, a leading supplier of solar power systems to agriculture and industry, and Roush Industries of Livonia, Michigan, a leading developer of automotive and energy systems.

Technica provides TerraJoule with public relations activities on a project basis.

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Auer Integrative Health

Dr. Daniel Auer is a leading naturopath physician in Cupertino, CA. He takes a whole body approach to health by balancing all the body’s systems through the combination of modern diagnostic methods and holistic healing modalities.

Technica handles marketing activities for Dr. Auer, including event planning, social media the creation and maintenance of his website.

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Albeo Logo 

Albeo Technologies (now a part of GE Lighting)

Albeo Technologies is a leading LED Lighting manufacturer for industrial and commercial buildings, such as cold storage, data centers, retail, schools and commercial buildings. The Albeo products range from high bay and low bay solutions, to linear, surface mount and under cabinet fixtures. The company has lit over 7 million square-feet of space to date and have won 14 independently-judged awards, including 5 from the US Department of Energy (DOE).

Technica handled public relations outreach and newsletter support for Albeo, while also advising on marketing activities.

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Azuray Technologies

Azuray Technologies was a player in the solar power electronics sector with its reliable, efficient products and progressive vision for the PV industry. It was dedicated to designing world class solar power electronics solutions that increase the energy harvest while at the same time reducing the overall cost of Solar PV systems.

Technica handled all public relations activities for Azuray, as well as assisted in the web copy of its website.

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Centrosolar America

Centrosolar America has a strong offering in the US market with complete CentroPack PV kits – along with branded PV modules, PV rooftop racking solutions and other balance-of system components like switchgear and inverters. Centrosolar America has full-scale distribution facilities in Arizona, California and New Jersey and serves a national value-added integrator network for the residential and commercial channel.

Technica handled social media outreach for Centrosolar America.

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PurThread Technologies, Inc.

PurThreadTM Technologies Inc. is dedicated to developing proprietary antimicrobial technology. Pending federal regulatory approval, PurThread hopes to help hospitals reduce the bioburden on fabric surfaces in the patient environment.Technica handled public relations and social media outreach for PurThread and the sister brand PurThread Sport.

Media Coverage | Press Releases | WebsitePurThread Facebook | PurThread Twitter | Purthread Sports Facebook | PurThread Sport Twitter



NanoLogix is a biotechnology company specializing in live cell, rapid diagnostics. Their kits are simple and reliable rapid test solutions that detect viable bacteria and other microorganisms 4x – 12x faster than traditional Petri culture technology, and more cost effectively than PCR Protocol.Technica handled both marketing and public relations activities for NanoLogix, including the revamp of its website and marketing collateral.

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